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            1. TEL:+86-757-86901606

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              GaoWei Color Printing & Packaging Co., Limited was first established in the late 1980s. With decades of enormous effort and the persistent belief of ‘Customers Come First’, Gaowei is

              now one of the most noticeable companies in the

              industry and in the region.

              Our 60,000m2 garden style factory, pleasant staff dorms

              and comprehensive office buildings are situated in alocation where adjoining the nationwide highway for the visiting

              convenience of international customers, as well the

              districtwide expressway for the easy access of raw

              materials. With the intention to provide reliable service to

              all valued customers from the world, Gaowei has built up 

              our own production team over the years and has trained

              up dozens of expertise who are still serving in the

              company. Our creative graphic Designers, experienced

              printing Engineers and Technicians are always in position to take urgent and challenging orders. We also own the most up-to-date and advanced printing and packaging machines from German, such as Heidelberg Speedmaster CD6+1UV and

              Automatic Paper Bag Forming Machine, that yield 840 million paper products and 100,000

              reams print-in products annually. With the support of our own logistic crew which combines more than 20 different types of trucks and vehicles, on-time delivery for each order will be



              Under the remarkable leadership of Mr. Li, the Founder and Chairman of the company,

              GaoWei had obtained all required licenses for quality ensurance and is awarded with many

              recognitions from not just quality demanding state-owned wholesalers, as well as the trendy retailors. Today, we are proud to see our products are shipped to and are consumed in

              Europe, America, the Middle East, Australia and many more countries to come. As always,

              we work hard on and believe in long term relationship with every customer, and aim to do

              our best to provide customers the matching quality.